Lauren Tallman




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How to Have an

(* As per Tallman’s advice, all true identities are protected)

"Clever, witty, well-written: a 'how-to' book for navigating some pretty perilous waters.  Ms. Tallman puts forth some invaluable information for those in a certain situation; she speaks with heart and humor.“
-- Marianne*

"Ms. Tallman's book is interesting and informative for people on both sides of a difficult situation.  She is a clear and effective communicator of some very necessary information."

-- Carey*

“I can't lie. My husband was a dead lay and if I hadn't had an affair, I would have left him and broken up our home. Now, armed with Tallman’s tips and advice, I can go out, get the attention I need, and come home a happy wife. Is that SO wrong????


“I love my wife more than anything, but I needed the sex. I had the privilege of reading Tallman’s book, and, man, did it help. Finally, a book about helping me have a safe affair, but more importantly, making sure the woman I love doesn’t find out. With How To Have An Affair And Not Get Caught I found a way to help myself and help strengthen my marriage.”


Lauren Tallman's "How to Have An Affair and Not Get Caught," is a fact-filled and fun-filled guide for those already into...soon to be into or thinking about entering into an illicit love affair. While the idea may seem so soap-opera romantic, the author outlines the many of the pratfalls and speed-bumps couples may encounter along the way. When you realize that your efforts for some temporary hanky-panky requires as much detailed planning as the invasion of Normandy, you may decide that it's just not worth it.
Coffee table books are meant to generate interesting conversation. This wonderful book will surely do that. I recommend it highly.

-- Annonymous of Course

I am a specialist in my field and am recognized by many. When my significant other gave me your book he pointed out the many ways to avoid being seen. The numerous ideas in the book, even the part about parking, have been invaluable. You are correct, it takes time to plan an affair. Your book made it far easier. My partner and I thank you. I will not continue on fear of giving myself away, but there are several gentlemen in my profession who would benefit from your fascinating and informative book. Be assured that I will discretely advise them to purchase it immediately.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Who would have thought about my perfume getting on him! His wife would have recognized it right away! And the idea about maps, OMG, it saved me and got me home safely! You make it safe and, you’re so right, no one else should be involved, especially his wife! OMG, when I think about the driving!  If I hadn’t checked…!


I received your book as a gag gift and thought it was totally without taste. My friend saw how angry I was and also told me to read the surprise last page.  I did but still do not agree. It gives them more information than they should have!   LET them get caught! Stop helping them!


 (Lauren’s reply to this blog was “Dear Angry, I’m sorry you felt offended but, on the other hand, thank you for obviously taking the time to read the entire book!”)

This book would of come in handy when I was caught dating a married man by his wife. I bought a copy for my current lover so his wife doesn’t find out that he has a gay lover.