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How to Have an

Lauren Tallman

Lauren Tallman


Can Tallman’s Book
Save the World?

      Lauren Tallman’s friend Gloria* was married for 15 years and had 2 kids. She told Tallman she never wanted to divorce her partner, but felt there was something lacking in her relationship with him. She said she didn’t feel worthy anymore, and lost the confidence she once had as a lover.

     After extensive counseling with Tallman, who offered innovative ideas, time management strategies, and practical advice, Gloria went on to have a successful affair. Her husband and kids never suspected, never found out, and never suffered.

     Gloria gained a great amount of power from having her affair, which reinvigorated her to put more energy into her own marriage. All in all, Tallman said, she made her friend a believer – that you can have an affair and not get caught.

     Lauren Tallman, author of How To Have An Affair And Not Get Caught, doesn’t want you to have an affair. But, if you choose to have one, she wants to make sure you  protect the ones you love.

     “I saw so many mistakes,” Tallman said. “I would catch people lying, and they didn’t think that it showed. But they were being so obvious. It was like looking through lace. I always wondered, if I could see it, could their partners see it, and I felt sorry for the partner.”

     Tallman is not advocating infidelity, but she understands, as do many psychology professionals, that people have affairs for a reason. If an affair is inevitable, Tallman’s wants to guide the journey to ensure it’s a safe and beneficial one, in every way.

     Tallman’s book focuses on every aspect on how to have an affair, and how to prevent anyone from finding out. “ The decision to have an affair is an individual one and personal, and it should stay personal,” Tallman says. “No one else should get involved.

    Through my book, I’m giving you the power to have a safe affair, safe for you and your family. It’s a 2-way street.” Tallman says in addition to showing how to produce the best alibi, finding places to meet for trysts, managing your money, phone bills, and email communications, and how to actually find time in your busy day to have an affair, her book not only leads to sexual satisfaction, but emotional enlightenment.

    “I want people who read my book to come away with confidence,” she said. “Confidence that they can have an affair and get what they need from it without involving the world around them. This thing could affect so many people in so many ways that you must take precautions and insulate the affair so it stays far away from your real life. First and foremost, your family should stay intact. Otherwise you’ll lose everything over a fling.”(Taking a cue from Tallman’s book, Gloria* asked that her true identity be withheld)

Ideas and motives

     To opponents of Tallman’s ideas and motives, Tallman says she believes society would benefit if it embraced her book. “There will be fewer divorces,” Tallman asserts. “People bloom after reading my book. It helps your home situation. It doesn’t distance you from it.”

    After exhaustive research, interviewing friends and strangers, reading articles, and combing various websites, Tallman said the valuable information one can find in her book revolved around hearing people’s questions and finding real answers for them that work.

     Tallman claims after reading her book you will “learn how to significantly and almost entirely reduce your chances of getting caught.” But, the most important lesson learned, she said, is if you’re willing to spend the time and energy practicing what she preaches, you should set out to have an affair… with your partner. “People never think they can get closer to their partner,” she said. “It’s never their first thought, but it should be, and reading my book can help them renew the thrill they once felt in each other’s arms.” “On the other hand, if they feel the need for an affair outside the home,” Tallman said, “then they should read the book. They’ll need it.”